Mobile is the Way Forward

Mobile is the Way Forward

In recent years we’ve seen the advent of some amazing technologies, more notably the advent of the mobile phone which has been connected to the greater Internet via data streams, Wi-Fi hotspots, etc.

Simply, mobile is the way forward.

Let these statements sink in for a moment:

  • More people have mobile phones, than have toilets.
  • More people have mobile phones, than have toothbrushes.
  • Some countries have more mobile subscriptions than people.

Wow. Mobile technology has had a tremendous impact on our daily lives and around the world. We’re only beginning to tap into the possibilities for parking. Applications that allow you to pay for parking, top-up your time, or find your car are only the beginning. Mobile applications are capable of so much more. Not just for the parking consumer, but also for parking operations. Why push technology on a static, bulky object when you can push technology on a smart, pocket-sized device and also be able to personalize it toward users?

More and more, operators and municipalities are looking for a smart, low-impact solution. Compact, simple, and “easy to use” are the primary needs (and they should be!). Mobile is a perfect opportunity to push more powerful and convenient technologies to make parking easier and better for everyone. As some operators and municipalities are being sold on the “Bigger is Better” mantra, it’s important to truly ask: “How is this better?”

About IPS UK Ltd 

IPS UK Ltd is headquartered in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and are a wholly owned subsidiary of IPS Group, Inc. An industry pioneer, IPS has been delivering Smart City technology solutions for over 20 years. The company offers a fully integrated smart product suite comprised of secure multi-service parking terminals, parking terminal upgrade kits for third-party machines, vehicle detection sensors and SaaS management software.
Uniquely IPS manufacture and write the software for all components within their products and are also the payment service provider (PSP) for card transactions. This capability allows IPS to design a product to work in complete harmony to the benefit of the end user and removes complexity in deploying card payment technology for the operator.