Keep Up To Date With Parking Trends - Participate in Interactive Workshops at Our Airport Parking Network Event

At the Airport Parking Network Event you can join interactive workshops led by industry experts.

With the 11th edition of our Airport Parking Network Event just a few weeks away we are excited to announce our program of interactive workshops. Taking place at London Heathrow from November 17th – 19th, our agenda features discussions, networking opportunities and a varied program of workshops exploring key airport parking issues and led by industry experts.

Register today to secure your space at six of the following workshops:

Preparing for Future Trends in Airport Parking

Yellow airport sign saying departures and arrives with a blue and white cloud sky and plane in background

Advam LogoThe Changing Face of Airports

Equip yourself with innovative solutions to combat the increasing competitive threat posed by TNCs at ADVAM’s workshop. You will discuss ways to introduce loyalty programs, use technology to make your parking more appealing and work with rideshare companies. Read more about ADVAM's workshop.

Aeroparker LogoHow Parking Commercial Management Maximizes Revenues 

Join a fun and interactive simulation to explore how the three pillars of commercial management can be used to increase revenues. Walk away from this workshop, led by AeroParker, with insight and knowledge to apply at your own airport. Read more about AeroParker's workshop.

Circontrol LogoEV Charging Requirements in Airports, Solutions for Every User 

Accompany various electric vehicle users along their journey through airport parking during this workshop led by Circontrol to get a better understanding of how to improve your customer experience. Read more about Circontrol's workshop.

IDeaS Revenue SolutionsTrends Shaping Airport Parking – The Convergence of Technology 

Gain insight from IDeaS Revenue Solutions into how investing in technology can help your airport parking facility keep pace with passenger growth, capacity challenges and competing transport modes. Read more about IDeaS Revenue Solutions' workshop.

ParkVia LogoBooking Beyond the Web 

With consumer demand spurring voice adoption in the mobility industry join this ParkVia workshop to learn the basics of how to create a voice program designed to personalize the experience for your customers. Read more about ParkVia's workshop.

Managing Capacity

Aerial view of a parking lot with yellow lines marking bays and a yellow, blue and red car

Car & Away LogoCapacity without Capital Expansion: Freeing up Parking Capacity with Minimal Investment

Find out how to free up capacity without capital expansion during this workshop focused on car-sharing. Car & Away will share the benefits of “virtual” capacity to your airport infrastructure and the environment. Read more about Car & Away's workshop.

Stanley Robotics LogoIncreasing Capacity with a Commercial-Grade Robotic Parking Solution

Discover the benefits of robotic parking and find out how to implement such a solution at your facility during this workshop with Stanley Robotics. Focusing on their new remote monitoring platform you will learn how to improve customer experience and your environmental impact. Read more about Stanley Robotics' workshop.

Going Digital

Woman in white shirt and black glasses sits behind a computer generated screen

2Park LogoAutopay Digitizing Parking to Enhance Personalization

During this workshop, with the help of 2Park, you and your airport parking peers will answer important questions such as: how are airports personalizing the customer journey? How are they collecting Big Data? And how can digitized parking support a customized customer journey? Read more about 2Park Technologies' workshop.

Parking Sense Logo10 Steps to Securing Airport Parking against Cyber Attacks and Digital Terrorism 

Take away 10 simple actions from this workshop hosted by Parking Sense that will help protect your airport parking facility from cyber-attacks. Read more about Parking Sense's workshop.

Scheidt & Bachmann LogoThe New Airport Parking Landscape – How Digitalization Generates New Opportunities 

Discover ways to bring your hardware and software together under one parking management system during this workshop led by Scheidt & Bachmann. Leave this workshop with ways to increase revenue through dynamic pricing, implement EV charging and introduce frequent parker solutions. Read more about Scheidt & Bachmann's workshop.

Reducing Congestion and Improving Customer Experience

Woman in flower skirt and white hat dragging a blue suitcase holds the hand of a man in shorts, white shirt and hat dragging a black suitcase

Nedap LogoWhy Automated Vehicle Identification is Key for Airports

Find out how automatic vehicle identification can reduce unnecessary delay and congestion at your airport parking facility during this workshop led by Nedap Identification Systems. Read more about Nedap Identification Systems' workshop.

ParkEyes LogoAirport Parking Is (Not) Expensive

Challenge perceptions during this workshop led by ParkEyes and consider ways to implement technology that will improve the customer experience and justify higher pricing. Read more about Parkeye's workshop.

Portier LogoIs Airport Parking Always a Mess?

By analyzing existing Portier installations you will gather tips on how novel parking guidance systems can improve traffic flow and customer experience whilst preparing for the future by incorporating trends such as electric vehicles and prebooking. Read more about Portier's workshop.

Quercus Technologies LogoMyth Busters: Is There a Parking Guidance System with Real ROI?

From increasing rotation and guaranteeing security to improved efficiency and cutting costs you will discuss the directed financial repercussions of parking guidance and license plate recognition during this workshop hosted by Quercus Technologies. Read more about Quercus Technologies' workshop.

Tagmaster LogoCongested Inefficient Traffic Flow in Airport Parking

If you are keen to introduce ticketless parking at your facility, the TagMaster workshop is for you. You will learn how to reduce congestion, save money and digitalize parking at your facility. Read more about Tagmaster's workshop.

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