Vacay Parking

Vacay Parking

Holiday. Celebrate. Can’t wait to feel the sand between your toes and the sun on your skin (slathered in 50+ of course!). A bunch of options are available when considering what to do with our beloved four wheeler while we’re taking time out. Here are just a few:


Meet & Greet

You arrive at the airport parking area where a chauffeur awaits. Grab your suitcases, hand over the keys and your car will be driven to the designated parking space. Upon return, the chauffeur has already picked up your car from the airport parking facility and is waiting for you. Services are booked online and in advance. Fees can vary.

Car sharing

Register with a car sharing community, drop your car at a participating airport parking area and go on holiday. If your car has been rented, when you return you’ll either not pay for parking or receive a payment instead of making one. There are also added benefits to some services such as free re-fuelling and a free car wash – as well as valet service.

Car rentals

Free parking

Some car rental companies have begun offering clients free parking as a perk of using their car hire service. This can save loads of valuable holiday time and keep driving frustration in foreign cities to a minimum. Ensure to check if your rental company of choice offers this before you book.

Parking Apps

Another handy thing to do before you leave – load the local parking app on your smartphone (using home wifi of course) to get the jump on available parking spaces at your holiday location. Nothing beats being the first ones seaside on a hot summer’s day…

Bon voyage!!