Digital Growth Perspective

Digital growth perspective

At Q-Park we have designed our digital solutions to offer growth perspectives for your parking facility. Our state-of-the-art parking systems and portals enable public and private landlords to increase the profitability of their operations. We can achieve this through our scale, providing a range of products and services through our portals.

Synergy of complex technology

We understand the complex permutations of car parking.

  • We have designed our back-office systems to fully integrate with the front-office your customer uses when they drive into your car park.
  • Our parking management systems cater for a full range of access devices and payment methods.

Our modern parking facilities feature a wealth of digital solutions; much of which has only become feasible in recent years due to technological innovations that we have embraced.

Technology promotes operational excellence

Deploying technological innovations, such as tokenising a bank card with access information, eliminates vulnerable steps in the parking facility’s operations. In turn, such digital innovations increase reliability as there are fewer mechanical operations to breakdown.

In the pursuit of operational excellence, we have digitised our core processes. Our partners and landlords can make use of these developments without having to make massive investments in software and hardware themselves.

Efficiency balanced with experience

Efficiency goals balanced with a better customer experience are the fundamental principles of our digital solutions. These are designed for expansion and growth so our partners and customers can benefit too.

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Q-Park is an international parking company, focused on value development by providing high-quality services in purpose-built parking facilities and off-street parking at strategic locations. Q-Park's activities focus on providing services related to parking at targeted locations: in or near multifunctional inner-city areas, at public transport interchanges and at hospitals. We supply services that fulfil customers’ demands, and their need for convenience, reliability and hospitality.