How to Profit From an Experienced Parking Operator: Leverage Partnerships and Economies of Scale

Partnering in a portfolio of parking facilities brings benefits linked to economies of scale.

The best landlords – the ones who seek to service their customers’ needs – include a focus on improving the operational effectiveness and efficiency of their existing or new-to-build parking facility. However, no landlord needs to do this alone. Whether you require professional advice on construction, interior design, or in- and external routing, our professional teams are ready to help.

Are you concerned about revenue, pricing and capacity management? Use our many years of experience to make sure you maximise your parking facility in these areas, and more. For many landlords, help and advice from a parking owner/operator prove to be their largest return on investment in the medium to long term.

From functional design to pursue growth

Our assistance takes many forms and is tailored to meet your needs. You can benefit from our specialist knowledge of property and equipment maintenance as well parking operations. You can also partner with us to:

  • create and execute marketing and sales programmes;
  • propose the most effective products and services range;
  • pursue the growth potential of your parking facility, and
  • everything in between.

Leverage partnerships and economies of scale

Partnering in a portfolio of parking facilities also brings a variety of benefits linked to economies of scale. You will be able to optimise operational efficiencies, reduce your costs and leverage procurement advantages. Your on-site and off-site response times to customers will improve. And you can easily create comprehensive reports on agreed-upon KPIs, analyse relevant data and combine a variety of information flows to improve usage. Of course, this includes the ability to make reports, benchmarks and dashboards - all available through our web portal or app.

                          As a reliable partner for the long term, we aim to ensure parking facilities perform to their full potential.

Achieve your property’s true potential

The aim is also to ensure your parking facility performs to its full potential. After all, it needs to operate effectively and efficiently under normal conditions as well as during peak hours and special events.

We integrate solutions for both public and private landlords, including a variety of flexible contract options such as lease, operations and management. We also integrate solutions for customers, products and services centred around functions and tasks, and support this with a Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) Business Manager who is responsible for meeting the agreements, deadlines and providing the appropriate reports.

Our clear contracts and pro-active programmes for monitoring as well as cleaning and maintenance of property and equipment round out our services, as we work hard to be a reliable partner for the long term.

Helping landlords succeed

Because at Q-Park, there is nothing we like more than to help organisations like yours succeed. So you will be working with a responsive and accountable partner who can provide sustainable, innovative and adaptable solutions to strengthen your business. Our drive for functional quality will enable you to focus more on your business, too.

And as we work together, you will, of course, experience solutions for you and your customers. But we’ll also involve other organisations and the community around the parking facility, using an integrated thinking approach to help you provide a truly valuable customer journey, from start to finish.

You can benefit from 20 years of proven success

How can we do all this? Q-Park has more than 20 years of experience in parking and parking-related property management, over 6,500 parking facilities and more than 880,000 parking spaces across ten Northwest European countries.

Our more than 2,500 well-trained employees serve over 1,000,000 customers each day.

And every day, we leverage our experiences to help make Q-Park your perfect partner for parking.

We serve over 1 million customers each day.

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Q-Park is an international parking company, focused on value development by providing high-quality services in purpose-built parking facilities and off-street parking at strategic locations. Q-Park's activities focus on providing services related to parking at targeted locations: in or near multifunctional inner-city areas, at public transport interchanges and at hospitals. We supply services that fulfil customers’ demands, and their need for convenience, reliability and hospitality.