WPS installs new generation pay-on-foot parking management technology to improve user experience

hospital parking

WPS delivered a new generation of pay-on-foot parking management technology to St Helens Hospital in Lancashire, UK. The new generation technology will improve the parking experience for both hospital visitors and employees.

The WPS ParkAdvance system hardware is developed with the user experience in mind. The pay stations are easy to use, have a full colour screen, have the option to include audio/video instructions and a 2 way video intercom. The machines offer multiple payment options, for example cash and card, and include bar code technology. The new technology also includes ANPR as an identifier to leave the car park (this is sometimes required for minimising exit times).

The rise of the UX (User Experience) has prompted a new way of thinking for parking system vendors. Simply selling products is no longer enough; these days, it’s the experience that matters. Read more about UX & WPS in: "Human-Machine Interaction" - showcase by WPS