Clayton Hill Associates Ltd.

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24 Black Bear Ridge

Alberta T0M 2E0

Water Valley

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PO Box: 44

Water Valley, Calgary , Alberta T0M 2E0



Tel +01-403-426-0008

Fax +01-403-637-2414

Company information

Clayton Hill Associates is a network of academics, technologists, operating professionals, and skilled and recognized practitioners. We are available worldwide to assist our clients in understanding challenges, and in developing and implementing strategies to improve operations and assist with change, sustainability, growth and advancement.

We span a wide variety of industries – from urban parking, transportation community planning and mobility management, to agribusiness, engineering, financial, legal and strategic planning. We can assist our clients in assembling research, best practices, and implementation support with sensitivity to many diverse languages and cultures. We can also help with the “heavy lifting” of operational change and implementation.

Company information

Headquarters location 24 Black Bear Ridge
Alberta T0M 2E0
Water Valley
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Founded by

David Hill

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  • ANPR Solutions
  • Citation Management
  • Consulting Services
  • Consulting Services - Auditing
  • Consulting Services - Equipment Specific
  • Consulting Services - Expert Testimony
  • Consulting Services - Security
  • Consulting Services - Training
  • Creation of Ancillary Revenue
  • Customer Service
  • Dynamic Signage
  • Entry- and Exit Stations
  • Handheld Enforcement
  • Intelligent Guidance System Indoor
  • Intelligent Guidance System Outdoor
  • Mobile Parking
  • Multi-Space Meters
  • Parking Operators
  • Parking Solutions
  • Parking System
  • Permit Management
  • Static Signage
  • Way finding