New Car Park for City Hospital in Birmingham, Great Britain by Ballast Nedam Parking UK and projekt w

The project was executed by Ballast Nedam Parking UK in collaboration with projekt w

projekt w and Ballast Nedam Parking UK have collaborated to open a new car park for the City Hospital in Birmingham, featuring projekt w's INTEGRA-pw car park safety barrier. 

For customers arriving at hospitals, parking the car is rarely the first thing on people's minds. They arrive to visit friends and family, have their medical issues seen to, and in some cases, they are responding to medical emergencies. Having the infrastructure in place which minimizes risk and maximizes safety is therefore essential, to ensure patients and visitors, many of whom may be dealing with high levels of stress, have as safe and pleasant an experience as possible.

The INTEGRA-pw provides a safety barrier for people as well as car crash protection, in one elegant solution. The utility of the safety barrier also removes the necessity to install crash barriers or similar protective infrastructure. If there is a crash, projekt w's system guarantees that the impact that occurs is relieved into the substructure.

The construction of the project was delivered to a tight timeframe of only 10 weeks. To satisfy the technical requirements, projekt w's INTEGRA-pw X-Long car park safety barrier was used.

The construction project included:

  • Five split-level parking levelsParking barrier at the parking garage
  • 514 parking spaces, some of which offer e-charging stations
  • Steel construction -with prefabricated concrete slabs as roadway
  • 1147.25 m INTEGRA-pw 1143 X-Long + 523 m INTEGRA-pw 1143 RD (with 4-fold fastening per side)
  • 248 safety barrier mats with side slope adjustments for all roadway areas with a slope of more than 4%.
  • Only 10 weeks construction time

The same period also saw the implementation of the Sandwell Hospital project in Birmingham with Ballast Nedam Parking UK. Similar to City Hospital in Birmingham, the car park was also equipped with the INTEGRA-pw X-Long car park safety barrier. The barrier's resilient design allows for column spacing of up to 7.8m, which can be covered with the INTEGRA-pw X-Long variant to accommodate impact loads.

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About projekt w 

projekt w

projekt w was founded in 1984 and is located in central Germany and specializes in safety barriers for car parks. We have set ourselves the task of integrating our products harmoniously into parking structures. The INTEGRA-pw product portfolio replaces conventional systems such as concrete parapets or guardrails and meets applicable European and US standards.

About Ballast Nedam Parking

Ballast Nedam Parking is a fully owned operating company of the Dutch Civil Engineering and Ballast Nedam ParkingGeneral Building Contractor Ballast Nedam N.V., a renowned Dutch listed company, offering an extensive package of construction-related products and services. The company, established in 1877, ranks among the top-five Dutch construction groups. Ballast Nedam aims to set itself apart by undertaking high-profile construction projects, based on a high degree of knowledge and expertise. At all levels in the organization, commitment, quality, expertise, reliability, and flexibility vis-a-vis the client are the key.


Neil Downe
Martin, there are no side slope adjustments on the safety barriers on this scheme - should there be?
John Smith
I am a little confused, my understanding is that Vinci Construction UK Ltd is the Main Contractor delivering these schemes and BN is just one of several Sub-Contractors working for them.

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