Skyline Parking: Project AZW - The final stages

The project heads into the final stages. In the last news release, we reported about work at two sites; the building on the project site (Schlieren) and the testing in a remote hall (Arbon).

Since then, another important milestone has been achieved: assembling all components at the building site. Component testing has been successfully finished and the steel structure has been erected, including all parking platforms. On February 6, 2013, the tested components were transferred to the building site. It was a special challenge to transport the 13 meter, 17 ton lift system bridge from Arbon to Schlieren. The lifting devises then had to be installed in the steel structure using a 300 ton mobile crane the following day. Despite strong winds, snow and rain, everything worked as expected. Since then, the tower continues to take shape very quickly. The crew of more than 50 people is working to complete installation of all components and systems to move into the final test stage.Skyline Parking

1. Installation of the lift pillars

2. Installation of car lift

3. Connect the columns on top

4. Put the roof steel structure on
top of the car lift

Lifting pillar with the lift guide rails onto the concrete foundation

Positioning the columns onto foundation bolts

Lifting the car lift into the steel structure

Connecting the car lift to the the lift guide rails.

Skyline ParkingSkyline Parking

Skyline ParkingSkyline Parking

Mounting the car lift motor to the support structure and access paths on topSkyline Parking

Mounting the car lift motor structure 25 meters above ground

And finally, mounting thecenter roof section thatcovers the lift shaft

The project and the installation work are on track. By the time you read this, the car lift will be in operation and final installation of other components will be well underway.

Read the previous news release about Project AZW

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