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Martkhal Rotterdam

Parking with SKIDATA at Schadow Arkaden Shopping Centre

In SKIDATA's last showcase we stated that the goal is to make the parking experience as pleasant as possible. In order to adapt the service & mobility mix accordingly, it is essential to know the different user groups that park their vehicle, be it commuters, employees, residents or tourists.

Below you can read more on SKIDATA's projects for different user groups.

Westfield Miranda Shopping CentreWestfield Miranda Shopping Centre

The ticketless parking solution at Westfield Miranda is the first large scale high transaction deployment of its kind to control a car park in a completely ticketless environment. The solution relies on license plate recognition technology to record the customers’ number plate details on entry, logging the time of entry against the number plate which becomes the key identifier in lieu of a paper ticket. This then allows for rates or validations to be applied at point of payment.

This innovative solution drives a higher level of control within a car park environment, a higher customer convenience, reducing risk of vehicle damage at entry and exit, and less queuing through the absence of an entry boom gate. A further innovative aspect of the solution is a purpose built digital eco system to support the overall shopper journey; e.g. customers can check elapsed parking time from smart phones. After user registration an SMS notification is received on entry and payment can be processed via a linked credit card.

The app and web applications that have been developed by Westfield offer great additional CRM possibilities for the operators. The applications store client information based on the licence late number as the key identifier. The solution better integrates the Miranda shopping centre car park with the mall itself, opening the door for Westfield Group to better profile its shoppers in order to deliver a better overall shopping experience and for targeted marketing.

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The TroikaThe Troika

The Troika is the first new car park installation, which was done under complete project management and supervision of SKIDATA Malaysia, was completed and successfully put into operation. The parking installation for this building consists of 2 Power.Gate columns, 2 Barrier.Gate barriers, 1 Easy.Cash APM and 1 Manual.Cash POS. Specific to this installation is that the columns and barriers are equipped with all currently available illumination options to attract customer attention and to offer better visual recognition.

Mr Anthony Soosay, owner of the operating company Trans Park S.B. states about SKIDATA and this project:

We’ve been working with SKIDATA since 1996 and SKIDATA has never failed to amaze us. We take pride in being the first in Malaysia to have installed SKIDATA equipment. We’ve never looked back. Today it’s with much delight that we’ve installed SKIDATA at the multi award winning ’The Troika’ located at the world famous KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre) area. The Troika’ has won the RIBA International Award as well as the Best High-rise Architecture Award at the CNBC International Property Awards and the Best Luxury Residential Design at the H.D.F. Luxurious Projects Asia Summits & Awards. 

It’s only fitting therefore for an award winning building to also have an award winning parking equipment. The bright lights, the futuristic parking equipment and the stunning design give an exceptional parking experience for our highly esteemed residents & guests. SKIDATA has done it again!

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WIPARK Parking Garage ViennaWIPARK parking garage Vienna

Using newly installed QR barcode readers, a variety of voucher or payment solutions can from now on be read, processed, and offered to customers. And even more: Customers can book their parking in advance and enter the garages using the corresponding QR code. 

A special comfort is offered to customers with the integration of the Vienna mobility card. Annual public transport cardholders can conveniently use their card to enter into the car parks and, additionally, are granted a discount on the parking fee. 

In addition to the SKIDATA components, the entire network technology, including electrical switch cabinets and UPS systems, was delivered to the garages. Also delivered was the entire intercom including emergency call stations, as well as the ability to transfer operation of the systems to a master control center. As the solution partner, SKIDATA was responsible for the installation, integration and operational start-up of all systems. 

To guarantee optimal maintenance of all four systems, WIPARK is taking advantage of the benefits of the SKIDATA.Care Packs for the next 10 years, with an option for 15 years. With this service, for example, updates to the latest software version are automatically installed, which ensures that WIPARK systems are always using state of the art technology.

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Markthal RotterdamMarkthal Rotterdam

Together with Interparking, SKIDATA provides the Markthal Rotterdam with a modern online reservation option. In addition to the visitors of Markthal who can use this system to easily reserve their parking space before their drive, this approach is particularly interesting for the apartment and office owners. Using the online tool, they can conveniently reserve the appropriate number of parking authorizations for customers, employees or guests. 

Another pioneering and above all environmentally friendly parking service in the Markhal is Eco Parking. With this solution, drivers of environmentally friendly, low-emission vehicles can park at discounted rates. 

With the help of license plate recognition, the entering car and its energy label are identified. This is made possible through a connection between the parking solution and the database of the public service for road transport. If the car has a low emission rate, the driver is issued a special Eco Parking ticket, which grants the discount.

The mission of Interparking, „Making the world move better”, follows the principle of sustainable parking solutions such as Eco Parking. SKIDATA supports this initiative and, with SKIDATA parking solutions and interfaces to third party systems, provides for seamless integration and technical processing in everyday parking management.

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Schadow Arkaden Düsseldorf

See below what Shopping Center Schadow Arkaden's general manager has to say about one of SKIDATA's last projects:


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