Shopping Center Installations for Cencosud by SKIDATA

Las Condes Shopping Center

The owner and operator, Cencosud, was looking for an ultra-modern and reliable solution with a special focus on both design and functionality. The upgradeable SKIDATA system is ideal for future enhancements due to its flexibility and ease of integration of new technologies, for example, for electronic billing with tax calculation, a parking guidance system, pre and post-payment cards (using RFID-based technology) as well as the ERP system (SAP) in use by Cencosud. This allows the customer to adapt to the current and future demands of the dynamic retail sector, particularly in light of the huge increase in the number of visitors at peak shopping periods throughout the year.

Cencosud wanted a solution that could guide and evenly distribute the flow of traffic at peak times. Therefore, flexibility in the positioning of the entrance lanes was one of their main requirements. Another goal was to increase security by introducing an LPR based solution to provide real-time information on cars entering the facility. The real-time functionality includes a connection with the national police force, the “Carabineros”, further supporting a reduction in fraud and an increase in the overall security of the parking areas.

Las Condes BarriersFor its regular customers, Cencosud offers a post-payment customer card (RFID-based), which is integrated into his own Cencosud Visa card. The card is thus used by many customers for the payment of parking fees. The parking fees are billed monthly together with the other charges incurred through use of credit card. When using the pre-payment card, the amount due is deducted automatically when the card is presented at the exit. The cards can be loaded directly at Power.Cash automated pay stations and can be used in every shopping center in Chile operated by Cencosud, which further strengthens customer loyalty. All these features were implemented by SKIDATA successfully, professionally and on time.

Alto Las Condes, Chile

Alto Las Condes is a shopping mall owned by retail giant Cencosud and is located in the upper-class urban district of Las Condes in Santiago de Chile. The complex covers an area of 231,000 m2, and offers its visitors almost 5,000 parking spaces, 200 shops, a food court, an outdoor area with upscale restaurants, a large cinema, and a huge, high-quality supermarket. Las Condes Facts

Built in 1988 and fully renovated a few years ago, Alto Las Condes still attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. With a large number of popular international brands as well as three well-known South American department stores, Alto Las Condes is one of the first
stops for avid shoppers. 

The center is frequented on average by 10,000 cars per day, with as many as 35,000 vehicles on the peak shopping days before Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and the now popular “Black Friday”.

Costanera Center, Chile

Costanero Center in Chile

The Costanera Center is located in the up-and-coming business district of Santiago - unofficially known as “Sanhattan”. The complex, covering an area of 700,000 m2, includes the tallest skyscraper in Latin America, the “Gran Torre Santiago”, which is 300 meters high and has 64 floors, as well as the largest shopping center in the region with 300 stores, restaurants, a large cinema and a huge, high-quality supermarket. Every month, hundreds of thousands of visitors are welcomed to the center.

Costanera BarriersAfter six years of construction, the Costanera Center finally opened its doors in 2012. The 5,700 available parking spaces, of which 3,500 are in the parking garages, are frequented by 12,000 vehicles daily. Additional parking facilities are currently in planning to meet the needs of hotel guests and the numerous companies which are moving into new offices in the “Gran Torre Santiago”.

A parking area specifically for motorcycles was created inside the parking garage with its own entrance and exit barriers. A reduction in fraud and an increase in the overall security of the parking areas were made possible thanks to the implementation of a parking solution with license plate recognition and a real-time connection with the national police force, the “Carabineros”. Costanera Facts

Customers enjoy a special comfort with the “Find-your-car” function. Thanks to the LPR system, each vehicle’s license plate is read at the entrance. If a customer can’t remember exactly on which of the thousands of parking spaces his car is parked, he only needs to use one of the SKIDATA automated pay stations. After reading the customer’s parking ticket, the system then searches for the vehicle using its cameras.

All these features were implemented by SKIDATA successfully, professionally and on time. Because the Costanera Center continues to grow, soon to include an additional hotel and office building, the SKIDATA systems are designed so that they can be easily adapted to also meet Cencosud’s future parking requirements.


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