Skidata Make Parking Smarter at Westfield Century City

LPR Westfield Century City

Drive in, pay, drive out. No tickets, no waiting in lines. Parking can be that easy. Thanks to SKIDATA, this is already a reality in the Westfield Century City shopping center and a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Los Angeles. That's Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu. That's sun, beach and sea. This is pulsating life around the clock. Over 18 million people live in the greater Los Angeles area – and almost every second person owns a car. Every day the inhabitants together cover the incredible distance of more than 330 million kilometers. For comparison - that is twice the distance from the earth to the sun. In addition, the population spends an average of 81 hours a year in traffic jams.

Therefore, it is even more important to reduce additional waiting times, at least when it comes to parking. "Parking is the most important thing at any property. So it is important to make sure that everything is running properly at all times and you have the most convenient parking experience for your customers.”

Louis Schillace knows what he's talking about. As senior general manager of the Westfield Century City shopping center, he is responsible for ensuring around 20 million customers a year are as satisfied as possible, especially when it comes to parking: "we've used some new technologies to get our customers to the mall faster and more conveniently," says Schillace.

This was made possible by SKIDATA's LPR (license plate recognition) solution, which together with the sweb® software opened completely new possibilities. "The most exciting thing we’ve done with the new parking system is smart parking. SKIDATA in partnership with Westfield Retail Solutions put together a program where our customers can utilize the Westfield app, open accounts and enter and exit the parking system without ever pulling a ticket," Schillace enthuses.

The cameras recognize the license plate at the entrance and exit, the software automatically debits the amount to be paid when leaving and sends the invoice. In addition, the SKIDATA solution enables business operators to use other tools to improve their marketing activities, such as the “sweb.Validate” system.

Schillace: "Validations are an incredibly important part of the business for several of our retailers and the sweb validation system has been incredibly useful and successful in those locations." It enables visitors to move from anonymous to personalized customers, to tailor target groups and to target geo marketing.

Over 200 stores and facilities benefit from the new parking management system, which coordinates over 5,000 parking spaces. "SKIDATA absolutely exceeded the expectations when it came to our turnover and the service level. The execution was flawless and it was a tremendous amount of coordination, " says Schillace. The Westfield Miranda shopping center in Australia has also relied on SKIDATA's LPR solution for years, garnering the same effect: more convenience, more customers, and more sales.



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