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Driving through a city and avoiding traffic is one thing; parking, however, is an entirely different story

Vehicle owners know how hard it is to find an empty spot to put down the car. It’s a constant battle with delivery vans, shared vehicles, and, recently, outdoor establishments. As such, the need for smart curb management is on the rise. Thankfully, there are many solutions ready to be implemented—including those relying on ANPR.

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RISETEK Global: About the Booting



CAPP Program

CAPP irespected worldwide athe leading credential in parking. CAPPrepresent the best of the industry, leading with innovation, professionalism, and expertise; providing service; and demonstrating competence athey advance the parking profession. CAPP designation imeant to assure stakeholder(employers, regulators, consumers, and the public) that the credential ...

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Park It! NYC: Complete Guide to Parking Garages

The only comprehensive guide to hassle-free parking in NYC. Listings of Manhattan?s 1,100 garages include hourly/special rates, entrances/exits, credit cards, etc. 24 color maps detail garages, gas stations, car washes, landmarks.

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