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At Parking Network we are passionate about connecting professionals in the parking industry.

Since 1996 we have led the way in bringing together parking professionals. The pioneering source of information for parking experts worldwide, we are committed to delivering the latest industry developments right to your fingertips.

Our platform is updated daily with the latest news, jobs, tenders, upcoming events, resources, and content from our members. 

As we've grown, Parking Network has become the ultimate go-to resource for parking information, and we proudly host our own user group events, webinars, and exclusive networking events. Recognized and supported by major associations such as IPMI, we've also become the preferred marketing platform for leading companies in the parking industry worldwide.

Join Parking Network and experience a world of parking innovation and connectivity like never before.

 In my view, Parking Network is the most renowned international communication platform specialized on parking. It is independent, well structured and always up to date. Parking Network provides the latest trends and industry-specific information and serves us as a multiplier for our own news and trends. I wish Parking Network continued success and plenty of good new ideas." - Martin Kammler (Scheidt & Bachmann)

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What can I find on the website?


Our news section is updated every day to bring you the most notable news in the parking industry. Our team of content editors reviews everything to make sure it is relevant, qualified, and up to date. Once you are a member, you can also submit news yourself, and of course, we are at hand to help you optimize your articles to get the best reach possible. 


In our comprehensive Industry section, you'll discover a wealth of essential information about the leading companies in the parking industry. You can access company contacts, visiting addresses, the latest product information, and more. We feature an impressive directory of 1700 companies and counting. As a member, you can enhance your company profile by connecting press releases, job openings, and even company and product information and showcases. Join us today and leverage the power of Parking Network to maximize your online presence and industry visibility.


Stay at the forefront of opportunities by exploring our regularly updated Tender section, refreshed multiple times per week. Available to members only, we bring together all the recently published, global Requests For Proposals (RFP) and Requests For Qualifications (RFQ) in the parking industry.


Our market is becoming saturated with job opportunities, and not all of them are genuine. We take away all effort and risk of job searching by providing you with regularly updated, verified openings in the parking industry. We've even streamlined the process for you by categorizing the jobs by sector, ensuring easy navigation. When you are a member, you can submit your company's vacancies.  With over 21,000 unique visitors and a staggering 65,000 visits each month, your job listings will reach a wide and targeted audience. 


In our showcases section, companies in the parking industry from all over the world showcase their newest products, services, and solutions. Here, we provide a platform for our business members to feature their cutting-edge developments, giving you a firsthand look at the forefront of parking industry advancements. Stay informed, discover the future of parking technology, and gain valuable insights into the industry's latest breakthroughs.


Whether you're seeking to enhance your knowledge, acquire new skills, or stay updated with the latest industry practices, our education section is your best available source. If your company offers parking-related education programs, we invite you to add your offerings to our extensive database. By doing so, you'll gain increased visibility and attract more participants to your valuable educational initiatives. Join us in fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development within the parking industry.


Our calendar features all the significant parking events, ensuring you never miss out on key networking and educational opportunities. Stay informed about the latest industry conferences, workshops, seminars, and exhibitions by exploring our comprehensive Events section. We are focused on creating a hub of knowledge exchange and collaboration within the parking community. 


Our Literature section encompasses all the publications and crucial documents required to boost your knowledge of the parking industry. Here you can find up to the minute detail about available books, ebooks, reports, magazines, and journals containing the vital information that will give you the edge over your competitors.


All the national and international parking associations are listed in our Associations section. Find addresses, information and much more from leading parking associations from all over the world.


Parking Network provides parking-related Web Events. By joining our webinars for FREE you and your employees can interact with professionals from the world’s leading companies in the parking industry and learn about the newest technologies and developments. Parking Network delivers Web Events with all possible topics that are relevant to the parking industry.


Our blog is updated each week, where we delve into a different subject, covering a wide range of topics, from cutting-edge parking payment options to the fascinating world of new design car parks. Our blog is your go-to resource for everything that is relevant, recent, and newsworthy in the parking industry. Stay informed, inspired, and abreast of the latest trends as we explore and discuss the most pressing issues and advancements shaping the parking landscape. 

About Parking

On the About Parking page, you can find everything there is to know about parking. From parking techniques to payment methods and from current trends to different types of parking facilities, and more. This online encyclopedia on parking is in constant development and gets updated on a frequent basis!


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Companies can join our Business Membership Programto enjoy the many advantages that Parking Network has to offer. Through the Bussiness Membership Program we support companies in developing their businesses through networking, industry information, marketing and physical and virtual events. For more information please contact Jorrit Weerman


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