Industry Abbreviations

  1. AAA: American Automobile Association
  2. ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act
  3. ALPR: Automatic License Plate Recognition
  4. ANPR: Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  5. APD: Automated Parking Dispenser
  6. API: Application Programming Interface
  7. AVI: Automatic Vehicle Identification
  8. BPA: British Parking Association
  9. BPS: Barrier Parking System
  10. CCTV: Closed-Circuit Television
  11. CTA: Clear to All
  12. DPU: Displayed Parking Unit
  13. EAS: Electric Access System
  14. EIS: Electronic Information System
  15. EV: Electric Vehicle
  16. EVCS: Electric Vehicle Charging Station
  17. FOB: Free On Board
  18. GPC: General Purpose Card
  19. HID: High-Intensity Discharge
  20. HPS: Horizontal Parking System
  21. HUB: Helpdesk Utility Box
  22. ICT: Information and Communication Technology
  23. IoT: Internet of Things
  24. LPR: License Plate Recognition
  25. LSE: License Plate-Enabled
  26. LPRC: License Plate Reader Camera
  27. LPT: License Plate Technology
  28. LPTM: License Plate Ticketing Machine
  29. NFC: Near Field Communication
  30. OBE: On-Board Equipment
  31. OCR: Optical Character Recognition
  32. OPD: Outdoor Parking Dispenser
  33. PARCS: Parking Access and Revenue Control System
  34. PAVS: Parking Access and Vehicle Security
  35. PBX: Private Branch Exchange
  36. PGS: Parking Guidance System
  37. PIP: Parking In Progress
  38. PIT: Parking In Transit
  39. PNR: Parking and Transportation Management
  40. POS: Point of Sale
  41. RF: Radio Frequency
  42. RFID: Radio-Frequency Identification
  43. RPS: Robotic Parking System
  44. TDM: Transportation Demand Management
  45. TMA: Transportation Management Association
  46. TNC: Transportation Network Company
  47. TPA: Third Party Administrator
  48. TPS: Traffic and Parking System
  49. TTMS: Ticket Tracking Management System
  50. UTC: Urban Traffic Control
  51. VAC: Vehicle Access Control
  52. VDS: Vehicle Detection System
  53. VMS: Variable Message Sign
  54. VPD: Vehicles Per Day
  55. VPS: Vehicle Parking System
  56. VRS: Vehicle Registration System
  57. VRT: Vehicle Registration Terminal
  58. VTS: Vehicle Tracking System
  59. WIM: Weigh-in-Motion