Asociación de garajes y estacionamientos AGES-Mutualista

Visiting address

Hipolito Yrigoyen 2736/38

Capital Federal CP: 1090

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Postal address

Hipolito Yrigoyen 2736/38

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires , Capital Federal CP: 1090



Tel 4931-9369/9374/4372

Fax 0800-999-1900

Association information

The foundation of AGES took place November 25th of 1925, under the name of Sociedad Propietarios de Garages. The objective of the organisation was to stimulate the best possible economical organisation of car parks and the defend the parking industry. From its creation the aim was to foment and strengthen its activities, improve services, organisation and the efficienct necessary, in harmony with the economic reality of the country. It represents and defends the interests of the sector before the executive national power, legislative national power, judicial national power and the official national, provincial and municipal jurisdiction.