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THE CROATIAN PARKING ASSOCIATION (CPA) was established in 2001 in order to promote the parking system in Croatian towns and to promote other common interests of its members. Today, its members are representatives of local authorities and companies dealing with parking in all major Croatian towns. Its associated members are companies which manufacture electronic equipment or deal with computer engineering and consulting.

Within the Croatian Parking Association, the so-called Professional Committee intensively deals with professional problems of CPA members. The rapid development and application of mobile telephony has led to the application of state-of-the-art technologies in the system of parking payment and parking control. Since the penetration of mobile telephony in Croatia in 2002 was approximately 40% due to the two mobile operators, this created the necessary basic requirements for the application of mobile telephony in the parking system.

After the City of Zagreb had implemented the pilot project dealing with the system of parking payment and parking control in 2001 (only through one mobile operator), members of the Croatian Parking Association had to provide a quick solution to the task of creating a unique system of mobile parking payment and control all over Croatia, regardless of the town and regardless of the mobile operator whose network users have selected to use.

The project was implemented in the course of 2002, so that, owing to the Croatian Parking Association, parking payment and control today are executed according to this unique concept with 17,000 parking places (m-parking) in 10 Croatian towns. The system implemented through that project is open to future members of the Croatian Parking Association and it is also open to any necessary upgrading.