Belgian Parking Federation

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Avenue Louise 235



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Avenue Louise 235

Bruxelles , 1050



Tel +32 2 5495860

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The Belgian Parking Federation unites engineers, owners and operators of car parks in Belgium. The BPF :

  • Represents the car park sector at the various levels of government.
  • Informs its members and other interested parties on latest developments in the car park sector.
  • Researches into common challenges of its members and maps these challenges.

The Belgian Parking Federation keeps an overview on the market situation of the Belgian car park sector. BPF shares this information through dialogue with the various stakeholders and others that are interested in this information.

The Belgian Parking Federation represents the car park sector at the various governments, construction partners and many others. It also takes action in case of specific issues of its members.

The BPF is active on local, regional, national and European level. For the European Parking Association (EPA), the umbrella organisation of European parking associations, the BPF is the only representative of the Belgian sector. Through the European level the BPF maintains its good contacts with other European federations of the car park sector.

The BPF warrants the quality of the car parks. The BPF is the only organisation in Belgium who can hand out, representing EPA, a European Standard Parking Award (ESPA). ESPA is a certification to set standards regarding safety, quality and accessibility. The minimum standards for a good basic quality in structure and service are:

  • Lighting and reflective surfaces
  • Vehicular entry/exit
  • Parking areas
  • Pedestrian routes
  • Elevators
  • Stairwells
  • Maintenance and technical equipment


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