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In 1982, a group of parking professionals from around the state of Michigan felt there needed to be a low-cost, local organization where parking professionals from across the state could get together to disseminate information and give individuals an avenue to get together. Their basic goal was to create an organization that would provide information, education, professional development, and opportunities for interaction of its membership.  Thus the Michigan Parking Association (MPA) was formed.
Since its creation, the MPA expanded the opportunities for its members to learn and share ideas.  The main objectives of the Michigan Parking Association as stated in the bylaws are:

  1. The maintenance of a statewide organization of municipalities, public and private organizations, whether local, county, or state; parking authorities, transportation departments, boards, bureaus, commissions or departments, also including universities, colleges, airports, hospitals, downtown development authorities, stadiums, and auditoriums.
  2. To promote the mutual interests of the membership in the provision and operation of adequate, efficient, convenient, and economical public and private parking as a proper and necessary function for the economic and social well-being of the membership.
  3. To organize and act as a unified force in the state of Michigan to promote the legislation of state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations relating to parking that will aid and benefit the association membership.
  4. To assist and aid association members in fostering up-to-date understanding of parking principles, practices, and the interaction with transportation objectives.


The MPA, now MIPA, has a lot to offer. Throughout the years many training sessions and workshops have been held.  Some years are set up for front-line employees while other years are for managers and supervisors. Over time we’ve done training for all our members, and their employees, to have an opportunity for advancement.  Training includes everything from maintaining a sweeper, a parking lot or structure, to the many human resource issues we all encounter and extensive types of revenue controls. We look forward to continuing these training efforts with your input as to subject matter and sources.

Our annual golf outing (scrambles format), which is our big fundraiser for the year, use to be a standalone event. However, due to individual’s tighter schedules, is now typically tied into the annual conference and business meeting. Funds generated from the golf outing go back toward MIPA members and the community with different perks such as, a low or no-cost training and our scholarship program which we look forward to restructuring soon.  The golf outing is a great way to enjoy your fellow parking colleagues with fun golf, fantastic networking, terrific food, fabulous prizes. If you would like to be a golf sponsor, please contact any one of the MIPA board members for more details. We can always use additional sponsors to help support our events and continue MIPA’s success. 

At the annual conference, there are vendors that share with us the latest technologies as well as speakers that are local and from around the world. The conference is a venue to learn, connect and keep you and your employees up to date with what is happening locally and abroad. The social events cover the full spectrum of what Michigan has to offer. Paddleboat rides, winery tours, casino trips, fall color tours, and different museums, to name a few. 

There was even a social event that took place in Frankenmuth, MI, at the Zehnder’s indoor water park, where there were over 20 parking professionals playing water basketball. The camaraderie is incredible and they are many fantastic speaker sessions and training seminars. The conference is wrapped up with the annual business meeting. The board election results are announced and there is an open discussion regarding what is happening around the state and within the organization itself.

MIPA would like everyone to know how important we feel it is to be involved with your local, regional, and national associations and organizations. Here is a little excerpt from the President’s space (Ron Soltis) of the MPA’s quarterly newsletter from June 1986 that held true to the MPA then and now as MIPA.

MIPA is a “not” for-profit organization with many members over the years. We are proud to be affiliated with the International Parking and Mobility Institute (IPMI).