Slovak Parking Association

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Kosická 2

010 01


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Kosická 2

, 010 01



Tel +421 (0)910 276 414

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Association information

The Slovak Parking Association was founded on 10-02-2005 as a non-profit association of legal entities.

The business activities.

  1. The association and cooperation between organizations, car park operators, city authorities, investors, and other stakeholder in parking.
  2. Mutual support:
    1. in legal, professional and trade issues
    2. b) common conceptual and organizational achievement
    3. c) when representing and presenting externally
  3. Creating conditions for effective cooperation between towns and villages, investors, suppliers and operators of car parks and parking facilities.
  4. Support the development of parking systems and equipment, and exchanging experiences through professional meetings, organizing and participating in conferences and contacts with foreign partners.
  5. The Association is authorized to carry out the activities, actions and business activities that will assist in achieving its objectives (expertise, recommendations, studies, etc.).
  6. The association does not persue any political goals. Its activities are not profit-oriented.
  7. Being a member of the European parking associations (EPA), respectively. and global organizations.