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Canadian Parking Association
Canadian Parking Association

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The Parking Management Certification program (PMC) addresses the training needs of management teams and front-line supervisors who oversee parking operations.

This program sets performance and service standards at the point where the parking operation, technology, mobility, and the customer meet. The PMC credential is the standard by which performance can be measured.


Recognized as the benchmark for supervisory and management level employees in the Canadian parking industry, the program offers candidates a comprehensive study program that includes relevant and essential aspects of a standard parking operation.

The course is designed for quality and fairness in assessing the skill set for the industry and may be used by employers to evaluate candidates during the hiring processes.

Development Of The Certification Program

The study materials and examination outline contain information fundamental to the defined roles and responsibilities of parking managers. Content has been compiled from a cross-section of parking professionals from Canada and has been updated to include current information relative to today’s parking industry.

Course Materials

Study materials will be provided in a password-protected PDF format. Copying or reproducing the material, or taking any action to reveal the contents of the examination in whole or in part is prohibited.

Course Content

  • OPERATIONS: Types, Design, Regulations, Loss Prevention, Equipment/Systems/Technology, Safety
  • REVENUE CONTROL: Accounting, Auditing

The Examination

The computerized PMC examination is composed of 150 four-option multiple-choice questions and is administered during a 3-hour testing session held in close proximity to the candidate’s home or workplace.

Former CCPFM Graduates

Holders of current CCPFM designation will be offered a discounted fee to study the revised materials and retake the examination. If certification has lapsed, full fees will apply.

Parking Industry Credential

The Canadian Parking Association, as the national authority for the industry in Canada, has the authority to grant or rescind the use of the professional designation of Parking Management Certification “PMC” to candidates who successfully complete the program.