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The Parking Professional Primer (PPP) program is a training program aimed at assisting organizations with orienting new front-line employees to the dynamic world of parking. PPP is also an excellent 'refresher course' for long-term, front-line staff in need of revitalization.


Cashiers, attendants, compliance officers, and other front-line parking staff will gain a fundamental understanding of how a parking organization works and how their job fits into the big picture by studying various topics. After the initial company orientation by managers or human resources personnel, the Parking Professional Primer will introduce the student to parking topics such as:

  • Customer Service: who's, what's, where's, when's, and why's of service delivery,
  • Customer Care: how to care for difficult, angry, upset, and happy customers,
  • Working in a Cash Environment: cash handling techniques, safety and security, accountability,
  • Enforcement/Compliance: do's and don'ts, ticket issuing basics, appeals procedures,
  • Basic Equipment Maintenance: troubleshooting, 'looking under the hood',
  • Vehicle Operations: valet parking, stacking vehicles, clearances.

Course content/manual is intended to supplement your company's policies and procedures with specific parking information.