12th ITS World Congress

San Francisco, San Francisco, US

Event description

The 12th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), to be held in San Francisco, is to feature a real-time, interactive exhibit of the latest in transportation technology. The Innovative Mobility Showcase (IMS) will allow visitors to experience firsthand a variety of ITS technologies through accessible demonstrations and simulations. According to event organisers, visitors to this "mini-city" and test track near the Moscone Centre site of the World Congress will be able to use real-time mapping and shared-use vehicles. Hydrogen buses that precision-dock will transport passengers through "smart" intersections. Hazard warning devices in vehicles and ultra-safe pedestrian crosswalks will illustrate the safety applications possible. Multiple public agencies and private industry organisations are partnering to bring the IMS to reality: US Department of Transportation, Caltrans/California Department of Transportation, San Francisco Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission, University of California-Berkeley PATH program, San Francisco Department of Parking and Traffic, automotive and vehicle manufacturers, ITS suppliers, map providers, and others.

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San Francisco San Francisco United States na

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ITS International

Ms Roxana Marissa