12th SAP User Group (SUG) for Airports

Frankfurt Airport (Fraport AG) - The holm (Gateway Gardens), Frankfurt, Germany

Event description

The 12th SAP User Group (SUG) for Airports will be held at Frankfurt Airport from May 21st-22nd. The conference, also known as Airport Day, will be co-organized by Fraport, SAP and GrayMatter.

Airport industry leaders and senior professionals shall attend the event, to participate in enriching discussions and to exchange information around topics of relevance for the airports industry.

This year’s meet is focused around intelligent enterprises, innovative technologies and customer experience. The discussions centered on intelligent enterprises shall include how smart connected airports will intelligently connect people, processes and things. The piece on innovative technologies will focus on how airports are transforming their business outcomes through the adoption of the latest trends in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. Customer experience related discussions shall dwell upon creating hyper-personalized experiences for every traveler, with the help of cutting-edge technology from SAP.

Event location

Frankfurt Airport (Fraport AG) - The holm (Gateway Gardens) Bessie-Coleman-Strasse 7 60549 Frankfurt Germany Europe

Contact information

SAP & GrayMatter

SAP & GrayMatter

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