AIPARK Pdays - Mobility and Parking 2018
Stazione Leopolda Congress and Expo Centre, Florence, Italy

Event description

AIPARK Pdays - Mobility and Parking 2018 is the second edition of an event that was the first in Italy of such a large scale dedicated to the parking and parking sector, in mobility. An event that will once again highlight the enormous potential contained in our cities, which can contribute decisively to the recovery of our country's competitiveness, as well as to the well-being and quality of life of its citizens.

In fact, AIPARK promotes growth and urges sector reform, through appropriate legislative instruments, in an open confrontation with central institutions and offering an active contribution that accompanies administrations to better manage the tools available, in line with the strategic objectives of harmonization of the various components of the mobility system, with an increasingly smart and green approach.

Our Association, which includes among its members the most important professionals in the public and private sectors operating in Italy (about 600,000 parking spaces and 5,000 employees) has always promoted the culture of managed parking and parking as a strategic asset among the components infrastructures of urban mobility, stimulating public debate and representing the interests of the sector at institutional tables, also in collaboration with other Associations, in their various forms.

In 27 years of activity, constantly inspired by the highest standards of quality of service and stimulating connection with the European Association (EPA - European Parking Association, it has collected a significant amount of data, elaborating surveys and studies, consolidating experience, developing expertise and thus contributing to feed good practices.

In a European framework for the overall review of management policies and models, our sector can support the country's growth objectives by exploiting the new dimension of the digital economy and open data and by improving the ability to make best use of these high-potential resources. through an extensive use of technologies, which represent a great opportunity for the recovery of management efficiency and the raising of accessibility standards and quality of service for the end user. To this end, it is necessary to achieve greater dissemination of best practices, both Italian and international, regulated by the definition of interoperable standards for their dialogic integration. The projects must be scalable and applicable to the specific needs of our cities, which are - in their diversity - the true wealth of our country, with the direct involvement of administrators, institutions, public administration operators, businesses, universities, associations.

In the two days of confrontation we will offer our audience a contribution, hoping for a positive, participatory and collaborative interest, with the aim of bringing the stop and its strategic role in the urban mobility system to the center of the city's good governance action.

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Stazione Leopolda Congress and Expo Centre

Stazione Leopolda Congress and Expo Centre Viale F.lli Rosselli, 5 50100 Florence Italy Europe

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