Airport Parking Network Event 2013
Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark

Event description

After a successful fourth edition last year, Parking Network proudly presents already the 5th Airport Parking Network Event.

This edition's topics will be:

  • Pre-booking/internet reservations
  • Customer retention
  • Additional services

Your opportunities in a nutshell:

  • Team up with peer professionals in purely Airport Parking focused sessions.
  • Share your experience and engage in direct contacts with important industry players.
  • Registration includes drinks and food.
  • Enjoy it all in an informal atmosphere with comfortable accomodation.

Event location

Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel

Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel Ellehammersvej 20, 2770 Copenhagen Denmark EU

Tel: 45-32-501-501 Fax: 45-32-528-528

Contact information

Parking Network

Parking Network Adelbert van Scharnlaan 6200 AM Maastricht Netherlands EU

Jorrit Weerman Send Email

+31 43 362 80 42 +31 43 362 80 61