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Combining Daily Operation with Safety and Security in Off-Street Parking

Today’s parking market and the role parking operators need to fulfill is more dynamic than ever. Communication technology is developing more rapidly. To find that perfect balance between an efficient daily operation and meeting safety requirements is not always that easy, especially when dealing with none fire-related emergencies.

Commend Safety and Security

  • The value of communication systems will be explained as well as other questions:
  • What value can an Advanced Security Building Intercom System create in parking environments?
  • What is IEC 62820-2 and what does it mean for off-street parking?
  • What are the benefits of intelligent, dynamic communication and bi-directional audio/video devices for parkings?
  • What emerging communication innovations will hit the parking market?

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Dennis Krijgsman, Segment Manager of Transport and Infrastructure

Dennis Krijgsman, Segment Manager of Transport and Infrastructure at Commend InternationalDennis Krijgsman recently joined Commend International, which was founded and is headquartered in Salzburg, Austria. Dennis been involved with the design of security and safety communication solutions for the last 20 years. As Segment Manager for the Transport and Infrastructure Market, it is his passion to look for innovative and reliable communication solution trends to help solve every day problems.

In his webinar, Dennis will share important developments when it comes to safety and efficiency related matters in off-street parking and how they correspond to emerging legislations.


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Free Online Webinar

Free Online Webinar

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