National Congress Parking & Mobility
Schouwburg Het Park, Hoorn, Netherlands

Event description

Today's challenges

The Netherlands has almost 18 million inhabitants and the number of single-person households continues to increase. The result? The demand for housing is greater than ever. Where do you put all those people when space is becoming increasingly scarce? Where do they park their cars? And how do we ensure road safety if we share public space with more and more road users? In addition, digitalization is accelerating and sustainability is playing an increasingly important role. The most important task of the government and the business community is to guide residents step by step in this changing landscape. The challenges of today are the opportunities for the future. And that is exactly what we will discuss with each other at the National Parking & Mobility Congress (NCPM).

We want to connect professionals with each other. Whether you are an advisor, designer, policy maker, mobility professional, traffic engineer, parking specialist, public space specialist or product supplier; Together we look at, talk about and work on integrated solutions in the field of parking and mobility.

The municipality of Hoorn will host the NCPM on March 14, 2024

Event location

Schouwburg Het Park Westerdijk 4 1621 LE Hoorn Netherlands

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