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New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, US

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The Session includes six seminars originating from different locations around the US. Some will be live at your location, others "beamed" live from other cities. You will be able to participate, ask questions and get answers. The program is a result of the resounding success of the web cast held at the Parking Industry Exhibition 2006 when Chicago and Los Angeles were interconnected by CCTV. The conference enabled participants in each city to attend both events simultaneously. Plus we will have Speed Networking - you can meet from your area in the parking business and get contact information and some insight into what they do. Then when you need information you will have resources in your rolodex (or palm pilot). You've heard of Speed Dating. Here's the networking equivalent.

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New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco United States na

Tel: 310-390-5277

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Parking Today 12228 Venice Blvd 90066 Los Angeles CA United States na

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