Parken 2013
Rhein Main Hallen, Wiesbaden, Germany

Event description

The annual general meeting and symposium of the German Parking Association will run in parallel to the event. Trade exhibition and symposium create an ideal structure for knowledge and the exchange of information. Exhibitors will meet a well informed specialized audience of planners, architects, operators of parking and garage houses as well as state representatives from the entire federal territory.

Parken is the only trade exhibition in Germany which exclusively covers the Planning, Construction and Operating of Parking Areas. It has developed to be an obligatory event for experts and individuals who are interested in the operation of parking areas.

The symposium gives insights and first-hand-experiences in several lectures. The presentations generally deal with common questions about parking without capturing any advertising contents.

Topics of the symposium 2013 are “sustainable transport infrastructure” and “sustainable mobility” as well as „NeuroPricing® - How clients think about prices” and „Parking and Urban Mobility“.

Event location

Rhein Main Hallen

Rhein Main Hallen Rheinstrasse 20 Wiesbaden Germany Europe

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Contact information

Bundesverband Parken e.V.

Bundesverband Parken e.V. Richartzstraße 10 50667 Köln Germany Europe

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