Parking Consultants Council Winter Meeting
Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans, Louisiana, US

Event description

The Parking Consultants Council, formed in 1972, is a special professional group within the National Parking Association. It is concerned with economic analysis, functional and structural design, financial counseling, research, analysis and maintenance of off-street parking facilities.

Composed primarily of engineers and architects, these members produce a wide range of technical publications for the NPA.

Subjects include design, construction and maintenance of parking facilities, recommended guidelines for zoning ordinances, and other issues of importance to traffic engineers, state and municipal officials, urban planners and parking executives.

Applicants for this division must complete a more extensive application, including descriptions of projects completed and professional references.

Event location

Hotel Monteleone

Hotel Monteleone 214 Royal Street 70130-2201 New Orleans Louisiana United States na

Tel: (504)523 3341 Fax: (504) 528-1019

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