Parking Network Virtual Conference 2nd Edition
Online - Meeting Room

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Whilst COVID-19 may have forced us to change the way we work, we still have the opportunity to grow the parking industry and create global connections during these challenging times. We invite you to join the audience for the second edition of our Parking Network Virtual Conference, taking place from 26th – 27th May. Even better – attendance is free!

Throughout our event, parking professionals will take to the virtual stage to launch their products, showcase their solutions, share their success stories, and introduce exciting start-ups. The easy to digest sessions, which are just 15-30 minutes long, feature Q&As, giving you the chance to pose your questions to each speaker. And, with sessions spanning European and American working hours, you are welcome to pop in and out or even join us for the whole day.

The packed agenda will also include panel discussions, where leading parking experts, from both the supply and demand side, will come together to discuss specific parking niches. Expect to see familiar faces from the industry sharing their top tips and tricks for a range of parking verticals, such as airports, events, and municipalities.

There may be tricky times ahead, but by optimizing online opportunities we can continue to connect with our peers around the globe.

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Online - Meeting Room

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