Vexpan National Parking Congress
50|50 Hotel en Congrescentrum Belmont , Ede, The Netherlands

Event description

Car-free residential areas, low parking standards, lack of alternative transport; the battle for the useof public space is ongoing. But does this mean that the car disappears? Certainly not! But it is not automatically resolved at the doorstep. Accessibility is important for everyone in all living environments, large and small. The car remains an important link in this. In short: parking is a must! This is what the Vexpan National Parking Congress 2023 will be about on October 12 in Ede.

Parking is a must! Everywhere. In this we also have to deal with social challenges in which the (own) car takes a step back, in a different parking space. Less prominent in the streetscape. But where? One neighborhood or area is not the other, so customization is required. What room do you have for new possibilities? Both literally and politically?

The theme raises many questions. How do we facilitate parking elsewhere? What challenges do municipalities and project developers face? Where are they from? Which buttons do we prefer to press at the same time? What mindset do we need from each other? How can we involve citizens and parties out-of-the-box? How do we convince with data? How do we stimulate different behavior with incentives? How do we use customer-oriented services to entice people to move along? What building blocks can we offer each other?

Come to the congress to share knowledge and gain knowledge! The discussion tables are ready. We work together to offer each other building blocks.


Event location

50|50 Hotel en Congrescentrum Belmont Ede The Netherlands

Contact information


Vexpan Postbus 5135 1410 AC Naarden The Netherlands

035 - 69 43 24 5