Webinar: Look to Norway - A Fast Track to Digital Parking Management

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2Park Technologies

Look to Norway - A Fast Track to Digital Parking Management

25th November, 2021 - 3pm CET/9am EST

2PARK Technologies (2PARK) is the Norwegian tech company behind the Autopay ANPR solution.

Autopay is a free-flow ANPR PARCS (Parking Access Revenue Control) system that digitizes all aspects of parking, delivering a frictionless, no-hassle parking solution for customers, and parking facility owners. In 2018 Autopay was live in eight countries with over 100 locations and handled over 27 million parking sessions.

The Nordic parking industry has gone through a digital transformation and is now a pioneer in the industry. This has led to integrated mobility hubs with barrierless parking, dynamic pricing, and EV-charging. But our journey is not complete.

Tune in to learn more about our experience in the transformation from traditional to digital parking.


Mikkel Neple - Commercial Manager
Christer Halvorsen - Business Architect


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