Albany International Airport Expanding Parking Spaces

In order to expand parking opportunities, Albany International Airport has given Provincial Contractor Services LLC of Castleton the assignment to take care of the demolishing of a 60,000 square foot building to free space for additional parking. The demolition will start after clearing out the asbestos from the roof membrane.

Next year, JetBlue Airways will start flying out of Albany International Airport, which calls for a lot more parking spaces.

A dangerous situation arose last year when thanksgiving-, as well as christmas-travelers arrived and there was a shortage of parking spaces. Alternative options where created on the go, but it became clear that Albany International Airport needed more, after they ran out of parking pace.

The plan is to build a new parking garage, big enough to accommodate up to 600 vehicles.airport parking There will be three different parking options; Credit card only, Shuttle-bus and valet-parking. The more options, the easier it is to serve travelers with ease.

Somewhere around late spring the airport will start seeking bids for construction, as a contractor has not been selected yet.

A site designer and consulting engineers will be hired in order to be concerned with developing plans for a new parking opportunity for airport travelers.