CelloPark and Curtin University receive IPI innovation award


CelloPark received an Award of Merit for its integrated, ticketless Pay-as-you-Go parking solution, which was first deployed in 2013  at the Curtin University.

CelloParks Pay-as-you-Go solution at the Curtin University in Western Australia is an innovative integration of Pay-by-Phone, Pay-by-App, Student / Staff database, LPR and way-finding signage systems.

Michael Doherty, General Manager of CelloPark Australia, said he notices an increasing interest from other campus-based parking operators. He’s very proud that the technology is now internationally recognised with this award.

How does it work? Motorists can install a free app on their smartphone (Apple and Andriod). They can create a profile by registering their vehicle and entering their payment and phone details. To start a paid parking session, they simply select the right zone and scan the QR-code at the CelloPark signage. Motorists who don’t own a smartphone can call a toll-free number, after registering at the CelloPark website.

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