EasyPark presents Parking Art in Verona, Italy

EasyPark presents Parking Art in Verona, Italy

EasyPark commissioned the international artist Cherisart to create the most recent Parking Art at the Centro parking lot in cooperation with AMT Verona. The mural called "Verona Flavors" is dedicated to the city, and it depicts all the attractions that have made Verona famous throughout the world.

EasyPark’s Parking Art initiative transforms dull and ordinary urban spaces, both on and off-street, into extraordinary visual attractions. It's just one of the many ways we are working to improve urban life for citizens and motorists everywhere.

For more information about Parking Art, or to find out how EasyPark can create an artwork for your parking space (free of charge), contact Matt Tooth, PR Manager at EasyPark Group matthew.tooth@easypark.net.

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