Flood control in the parking industry

Flood control in the parking industry

It’s that time of the year again. The time when rain is pouring down the streets day after day. The flooding can cause a lot of damage, also for car parks.

Every now and then a news article comes along saying “30 cars damaged after flooding underground car park” or “Underground car park flooded - vehicles written off”. If your car park is located in an area where water damage is common, you might want to consider protecting it from flooding.

Being situated in the Netherlands, we know the importance of flood control as about two thirds of the Netherlands in vulnerable to flooding. And so do our Belgium neighbours from Aggéres Flood Solutions. They have published a video yesterday of the underground car park at Bercham Station in Antwerp, Belgium.

The heavy and persistent rainfall caused problems in many disctricts of the city. Sewers could no longer drain off the water, basements flooded, etc.  If it wasn’t for the SCFB self-closing flood barrier, the car park at Bercham Station would have been flooded as well, causing damage to all cars inside.

 Watch the video below.