Multimodal Solutions for Smart Cities

Multimodal Solutions for Smart Cities

Multimodal transport of people is one of the key aspects of “smart cities”. This system of transport represents the future of travelling which includes a number of options and benefits for its users and also a precondition for intra-city traffic optimizing. In GREEN Center, therefore, we develop open systems for fully connected parking facilities as comfortable hubs.

In multimodal transport systems, different means of transport are used in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. The means of transport continuity and their appropriate combination is an important aspect. Special tools can help users find the most convenient way to travel and to book or pay it easily. Users can use a smart application that determines ideal routes, points of transfer, means of transport, etc. This assessment also includes information about how financially advantageous and time efficient individual transport options are. Then, the user can decide which route is currently the best for him or her.

A Multimodal Transport System Based on a Parking System

Car parks, garages, and multi-storey car parks represent an integral part of multimodal transport. Therefore, the car park equipment technology has to be prepared for the connection to this system. Currently, the GREEN Center products are fully prepared for the integration into the multimode transport systems.

The GP4P parking system can become the basis of the multimodal transport parking segment. This parking system was developed with a special focus on its maximum possible openness so it could be easily integrated into third party systems. A standardized application interface is used for the interconnection. This interface allows two-way communication with other systems.

The data interface can also be used for the exchange of data between the parking system and the multimodal transport portal. For the multimodal transport, the most important data is primarily the data on vacant parking spaces. Via the application, drivers can obtain information on the present occupancy situation of individual car parks. The application can guide drivers to specific parking facilities while, on the basis of historical data, it is also able to predict the number of vacant parking spaces on arrival.

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