Indect’s Upsolut New Advanced and Unique Camera System

INDECT’s UPSOLUT Camera System

There are a number of parking guidance options available on today’s market in the USA. At first glance they appear to be quite similar. They all claim to be the best, they all have a method of detecting vehicles entering or leaving a parking space, they all offer signage, they all have a management system, they all generate reports, many have an app and some offer a camera-based system.

When you dig a little deeper you discover that while they all offer similar products and services, they are in fact quite different when it comes to quality, accuracy and reliability. The INDECT UPSOLUT camera system deliver accuracy levels in excess of 99.5%, customer service is locally based and technical training and support is tailored to client’s individual needs.

The UPSOLUT differs from other camera-based systems on the market because it is fully automated in real time and doesn’t require human intervention for accuracy. The inbuilt sensor automatically detects occupied/unoccupied spaces through proprietary software and cannot be overridden manually. It is also the only IP67 compliant sensor on the market, meaning it will continue to function even if totally immersed in water and is completely dustproof.

The UPSOLUT easily monitors up to six parking spaces and can be customized to include optional equipment and software enabling:

  • License plate recognition
  • Car locator functionality
  • Video stream capture
  • Fish eye surveillance to capture a complete image of the garage not just the individual spaces
  • Reports, audits and performance analysis
  • Audio output for alerts and special announcements
  • Wide selection of space occupancy indicators varying in color and intensity

The majority of parking guidance systems currently available in the USA are manufactured in China. Given the recent 2019 NDAA restrictions on the use of video-surveillance technology or equipment with Chinese origins due to potential security concerns, there is a level of doubt about the long-term viability of parking guidance systems that rely on these products.

All INDECT products are manufactured in Europe to strict quality standards. No Chinese components are used at any stage of production, making INDECT alone immune to any peripheral effects of the NDAA ban.

Top quality materials, accurate and reliable software, proven results and an easily traceable manufacturing origin give INDECT customers piece of mind when it comes to parking guidance.


INDECT is the leading provider of parking guidance systems. INDECT’s systems combine the most advanced parking space sensors with industry-leading data management technology to offer drivers a safer, more convenient parking experience while helping parking owners operate their parking assets more efficiently and profitably.

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