INRIX Launches Parking Coverage Expansion

INRIX Launches Parking Coverage Expansion

At INRIX, our mission is to ensure that drivers all over the world have the best information possible to help them get from point-A to point-B. Over the past 12 months our data team has worked hard to drastically increase the size and quality of INRIX Parking data coverage, which now spans more than 15,100 cities in 88 countries.

Massive Expansion of Industry-Leading On-Street Parking Database:

In 2017, INRIX introduced the industry’s first real-time on-street parking service in a connected car in 16 German and U.S. cities, which uses big data and machine learning to predict the availability of parking spaces. At launch, it was available in 16 German and U.S. cities. In the past year, we’ve expanded our street parking coverage to 339 cities in 56 countries spread across Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.

INRIX added coverage in 6 new countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, and Russia increasing on-street blocks by 25% while also expanding our footprint in existing key cities.

INRIX Doubles Down On Off-Street Parking Coverage:

In an effort to give drivers more parking options than ever before we doubled the size of INRIX Off-Street Parking, adding more than 100,000 new lots.

INRIX collects information on more than 90 lot attributes, including critical information like entrance points, rates, hours of operation, restrictions, and amenities provided. Drivers have many different parking preferences but INRIX can help each individual find the perfect spot for their needs. Whether you need cheap airport parking with complimentary shuttle service or a location that provides EV charging – INRIX Parking has you covered with robust data on more than 212,000 parking locations in 15,140 cities across 88 countries.

We also provide dynamic parking occupancy predictions using big data, machine learning, and sophisticated algorithms to help drivers avoid overcrowded parking lots. Dynamic coverage now spans more than 31,000+ lots, in 2,100 cities, in 73 countries.

High Quality Parking Information to Ensure Driver Satisfaction:

INRIX receives parking data from over 300 API integrations, as well as our exclusive relationships with large parking operators like APCOA, ABM, Colonial, and ICON. Our parking management dashboard is used by cities and operators to update their parking information instantly which helps INRIX keep our data fresh.

INRIX uses the most stringent quality metrics in the industry to ensure INRIX Parking has the most accurate parking data available. Our on- and off-street data team is the largest in the industry and works to ensure our parking data is up-to-date.

Parking data is verified using API data feeds, phone inquiries, ground truth testing, information from cities and parking lot operators, input by clients on our operator dashboard, street-level & satellite imagery, and ParkMe app user updates

Sophisticated data science and machine learning are used to identify the decay of lots and focus resources on specific areas of need to ensure that all lots and blocks are frequently updated and remain accurate.

Additionally, INRIX employs hundreds of data collectors around the world who take random samples to audit our quality levels. By testing the accuracy of key attributes like availability, rates and hours of operation, we can rank cities based on current quality levels and flag areas where we might need to make some updates.

Check out our INRIX Parking Coverage Infographic for more information or reach out to us

Visit our INRIX Parking API documentation page if you are interested in licensing the world’s most comprehensive parking database.

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