Parking More Risky Due to Radar Cars

Parking More Risky Due to Radar Cars

Parking at prohibited places, or without paying the parking fee, is an increasingly dangerous game. The topic in question is the proliferation of radar cars. Used for automated parking control in large cities such as Marseille or Paris, the rules of parking are more respected.

A lethal weapon against illegal parking

The principle of the radar car is simple. It is equipped with a license plate reader and drives through the streets scanning license plates. Thanks to its optical system coupled to a character recognition device, license plate numbers are automatically identified. The numbers of the license plate are cross-checked with the vehicle database, confirming the payment. Absent payers are automatically verbalized, with a fine being issued in the following days by post to the holder of the car registration papers.

When parking is prohibited, it's even simpler: all identified vehicules are fined. These vehicles are so efficient that in Paris or Marseille, they are called ‘PV Sulfators’. Motorists in Paris and Marseille fear them, and tourists in the city discover their existence at their expense.

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About Onepark

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