Eight Parking Pioneers You Won’t Want to Miss at the Parking Network Start-Up Stage

If you are looking for disruptive technologies, look no further than the Parking Network Start-Up Stage

It’s time to park the idea that our industry is outdated and instead embrace our thriving start-up ecosystem and culture of innovation. In celebration of the industry’s strength and vitality, Parking Network will present the Start-Up Stage at this year’s EPA Congress and Exhibition.

Parking Network and the EPA will welcome eight parking and mobility newcomers to showcase their cutting-edge technology and solutions. Handpicked from the forefront of our industry, these rising stars and entrepreneurs will present a range of creative solutions for mobility, EV charging, and much more.

This eclectic mix of small, tech-focused start-ups will take to the stage in the Silver Hall from 1pm on the 13th of September. Engaging and informative 10-minute pitches will be followed by short 5-minute Q&As, giving you the opportunity to truly uncover this pool of new talent.

And, as these eight companies will not be exhibiting at this year’s EPA Congress and Exhibition, this is your one and only opportunity to discover the disruptive technologies that they have to offer. If you’re looking to futureproof your parking, overcome hurdles and break down traditional barriers these passionate champions of the parking industry are on hand to help!

Here’s a sneak peek at the solutions that we will showcase:

  • Dynamic load balancing software for EV charging
  • Voice-powered parking for connected cars
  • Next-generation office parking management
  • Hardware agnostic EV charging, reservation, and marketing software
  • Elevated and automated bike parking carousels
  • Sustainable urban mobility app
  • Unique EV charging business models
  • A plug-and-play EV charging “brain”
  • Innovative app-based parking planning tool

Whilst the solutions offered by our chosen start-ups are diverse, they all share a common goal – to overcome specific challenges within our sprawling parking and mobility industry. So, whether you are looking to prepare for the EV revolution, connect your parking facility to the wider mobility ecosystem or find new ways to work following Covid-19, you’ll be sure to find pioneering solutions on our Start-Up Stage.