It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Apple Pay: Launching in the UK on July 14

Apple Pay Lunches in UK July 14 2015

We’ve heard the excitement in the US about Apple Pay since its launch in October last year, now it’s the UK’s turn. The iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch feature the Touch ID fingerprint scanner that's integral to Apple Pay's identification system, and these models have a dedicated NFC antenna built across the top making them compatible with the Apple Pay software. Those of us armed and ready with power in our pockets, purses or next to our pulses are hoping to simplify our lives even more.

What does this mean for those of us in the parking industry?

1. Faster than a speeding boom gate… Apple Pay is linked to your credit and/or debit cards, a simple swipe of your phone processes the transaction – no fumbling with tickets, change, credit cards or watching the person ahead of you do the same.

2. More secure than an army of parking attendants… Apple Pay employs point-to-point encryption, tokenization and 3D Secure data protection methods, as well as device & user authentication processes.

3. Able to make payments in a single swipe… Apple Pay doesn’t require anything other than holding your phone against a reader. You don’t need to wake the phone, or open an app. A simple vibration and a beep confirms a successful transaction. The easier it is to make payments, the more likely a customer will be to lengthen their parking stay, pre book a parking space or, delighted with the ease with which they can park, return to your parking facility.

One of our Business Members, Cale, is rolling out the Apple Pay technology across it’s Cale WebTerminal pay stations in the US – read more about it here.

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