Apps that Simplify Parking

Ten years ago, Apple came out with the first iPhone and shortly after, the campaign “There’s an App For That.” In 2017, there is really an app for just about everything and that includes parking.

The advantage to parking apps goes beyond the convenience of having it on your phone. Payment rules for parking can be very complicated depending on the street, time and day of the week. Fortunately, parking app developers have come up with a simple and user-friendly way to simplify this for us.

Inc. recently published an article showcasing four companies that tackle a headache that parking can be. The selection, according to the article, is based on how innovative these apps are within parking.

Flash Parking

This app is innovative because it works with valet parking. Drivers don’t need to have cash at hand to pay for parking, let alone tip the valets, making it easier for both drivers and valet service providers.

Spot Hero

Spot Hero is innovative because it allows for “spot shopping” based on location and price. Drivers can shop around for a parking spot that meets their needs and reserve it via the app.

Park Hub

This app is exactly what it is named: a hub for several parking-related things. Prime enables staff from large venues with payment management. Pulse utilizes low-cost sensors. The Portal dashboard provides real-time information to parking management.


Through their product Parkeye, this app lets you know if there are parking spaces in a parking lot before you enter. The cameras also give parking managers information about the use of spaces, length of stay and zone usage.

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