AppyParking picks up 1.04 million pound Investment

AppyParking picks up 1.04 million pound Investment

Aviva announced this week that it is part of a 1.04 million pound investment in smartphone parking app AppyParking.

AppyParking is a free downloadable app that allows motorists to know where there are available parking spaces without having to look. The app simply highlights places in green that are available and taken spaces in red. Additionally, it allows motorist to see the nearest and cheapest spots as well as free areas. Its inclusive approach also indicates where disabled, electric and motorbike spots are located. Fantastic news given the Allianz studies, “The Allianz study shows that the average Brit spends 347 days and £34,097.44 on fuel searching for a parking space in their lifetime” ( AppyParking is currently covering 11 cities in the U.K. including London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester, to name a few.

Its founder, British native Dan Hubert came up with the idea after an evening out trying to find parking in vain. Since 2013, when he and his business partner Enric Requena put the business wheels in motion, AppyParking has become the UK’s favorite parking app. This week it secured additional favor with Aviva’s announcement that it is part of an over 1m pound investment in Smart parking app AppyParking.

This month, AppyParking announced its newest feature that allows drivers to see the nearest and cheapest fuel prices. The recent investment by Aviva and backers will support this new feature to the app . CEO Dan Hubert expresses “Having Aviva Ventures’ support is incredibly exciting for us. We hope our current and future products are going to be hugely beneficial to its UK customer base” (