Parkex 2022 Prepares to Tackle Trending Topics

Here are the highlights from the Solutions Showcase Theatre at Parkex 2022

It’s less than a week to go to Parkex 2022, and we are certainly excited to return to Birmingham after a few years away (thanks Covid-19). Recently, we shared five things that we are looking forward to at this year’s event, including the inaugural Solutions Showcase Theatre. These easy-to-digest, 30-minute pitches will address key challenges facing the parking industry and showcase the very latest products, solutions and services.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some highlights from the program:

Everything EV

Parking spaces painted with EV charging station icons

As the parking industry steps up to the plate to play its part in meeting government targets for EV adoption and net-zero emissions it makes sense that all things EV will take center stage at this year’s event. Four speakers are set to tackle this hot topic and they will be addressing the following points:

  • how to decide whether a facility should offer EV charging
  • what designers, installers, and maintenance engineers should consider when installing EV infrastructure on-street, in car parks, and at EV hubs
  • simple ways to increase revenue with EV charging
  • the benefits of creating a petrol station-like experience at EV charging facilities

For more EV solutions, a quick walk through the exhibition hall will bring you many more innovations.

A Data-Driven Future

Aerial view of a parking lot overlaid with graphs

Parking is a data-rich industry, comprised of various data points such as payment transactions, occupancy data, enforcement data, length of stay data, and more. By collecting and analyzing these data, municipalities and parking facilities can gain real insight into their customer base and the way in which their parking assets are used, helping them to create efficiencies, improve the customer experience and boost revenues. So, it is little wonder that data is big business within the parking industry.

During Parkex 2022 attendees will have the opportunity to hear more about how two different data capture technologies can help operators monetize the data collected in their facilities: 3D video analytics and automatic number plate recognition.

Creating a Sustainable Industry

Two lines of queueing traffic, fumes coming from the exhausts

Through various green initiatives, including digitalization, the adoption of environmentally-friendly construction, and the introduction of EV fleets, the parking industry is already making strides toward greater sustainability.

But, there is more that we can do before we can claim to be a green industry, and one crucial area for improvement is air quality.  In the UK, transport is the largest emitting sector of the economy, responsible for 27% of greenhouse gas emissions, 55% of which comes from cars. Of course, there are various ways that the industry can help lower these emissions, first and foremost supporting the EV revolution. But what if parking facilities and municipalities installed portable environmental sensors? Would this help us get a better handle on the climate crisis? Drop by the Solutions Showcase Theatre to find out more about the wide range of air pollution data that environmental sensors can produce and the ways that the parking industry can use them to reduce harmful emissions.

In the search for improved customer journeys, municipalities and operators often replace their entire off-street parking installations as the first components get to the end of their life span. But a new, greener and more cost-effective parking solution has been created by reusing and upgrading available parking equipment from multiple vendors. WPS will take to the stage to demonstrate how their hardware interoperable approach, combined with a cloud-based parking operating system and an extensive marketplace can solve every thinkable customer journey in an environmentally friendly way.

For further ways to reduce your carbon footprint, stick around to discover how simply switching your signage to LED technology can create energy efficiencies, especially when combined with renewable energies. And, on the exhibition floor, you are sure to find plenty of sustainable solutions, including solar-powered meters, ticketless access control systems, and EV chargers.  

Finding an Effective Enforcement Strategy

Three yellow parking tickets pinned beneath the windscreen wiper on a windscreen

Enforcement is a necessity in the parking industry, and successful strategies can make a huge difference to the bottom line of parking operators and municipalities. There are so many aspects to enforcement, from the initial technology used to monitor misuse and issue citations, to the safety of enforcement officers and the overall value of an enforcement plan. During the Solutions Showcase, a review of effective technologies will explore the wider picture of enforcement, explaining why it is used and the impact it has on a range of stakeholders.

In the UK, 70% of all warrants of control issued for unpaid parking offences are being written off, unpaid. Streamlining the citation process can certainly create efficiencies, and during the Solutions Showcase, one simple starting point will be presented – making parking paperless. By removing ambiguity in the first step, the initial issuing of a citation and the receiving of the fine or appeal, manpower can be freed up to deal with the process further downstream.

What Are You Waiting For?

That’s a wrap on the highlights from the Solutions Showcase Theatre, but there is plenty more on offer, so be sure to check out the program, and (if you haven’t already) now’s the time to book your ticket to Parkex 2022. Whilst your there, don’t forget to drop by Booth P348 to catch up with the Parking Network Team!