Quick Question: What Solutions Will Take Center Stage in 2020?

Quick Question: What Solutions Will Take Center Stage in 2020?

For the final installment of our Quick Question focused on parking trends for 2020 we turn to what solutions, services and products are likely to dominate the market in the year ahead. This week’s parking professionals talk about the importance of capturing parking data, the need for accuracy and the creation of a frictionless experience through license plate recognition.

Man in a white shirt and grey waistcoatBen Fox, Head of Marketing at ParkVia

“Globally we are seeing an increase in the adoption of e-commerce, and I expect that to be mirrored in parking with an increase in pre-booking online. This will drive competition and an increase in the use of sophisticated marketing technology. The two to watch are voice and personalization. Personalization is where you change the messaging on your website and your marketing channels based on what you know about a user. So, very exciting times.”

Brett Tebbe, Director of Sales and Customer Relations at Associated Time

Businessman wearing a pale blue shirt, navy blue blazer and purple tie“When thinking about the major parking trends of 2020 one of the first things that comes to mind is parking intelligence software and big data. Having this real-time data at your fingertips allows operators, property owners, and managers the ability to make decisions based on trends at their facilities.

“Whether it is one location or an enterprise of facilities, being able to see real-time transactions and revenue reports, by breaking them down to monthly, weekly and hourly statistics, will give the decision-makers the tools they need to make educated decisions. While parking intelligence is not a new concept, the customer demand for immediate robust data continues to be a powerful trend for 2020.”

Business man in a black blazer and open neck white shirt stands against an orange wallLaurens Eckelboom, Chief Revenue Officer at ParkHub

“2020 is the year of collaboration and inventory distribution optimization. Parking owners and operators will be equipped to competitively transact on available assets in real-time and consumers will be able to park when and where they want to for the best price. Together we can advance the parking industry.”

Moshe David, CEO of TIBA Parking Systems

Businessman in blue shirt“We at TIBA believe that we should reinforce the fact that PARCS and related technologies are the nerve center, the hub, the core of the parking and mobility ecosystem. In addition, since the market standards are continuously increasing the leading players will have to be best in class in all aspects of our business, including hardware, software, mobile applications, cloud and also provide world-class delivery and support.”

Fernando Rausell, Business Development, and Ecosystem at LibeliumBlack and white photo of a business man wearing a white, open-necked shirt and dark blazer

“I would say that accuracy and precision will play an important role next year. I think that customers are now more concerned about precision and not just price. And that is why I also think that Libelium will play an important role in the market because a lot of the technology that we released last year is radar technology, and that improves enormously the detection in comparison with other technologies such as magnetic, infrared or ultrasound.”

Man with beard and black rimmed glasses wearing a black shirtJan-Erik Schmitt, Managing Director or CARRIDA Technologies  

“So my answer to this is smart, smart, smart. The new solutions will be solutions like smart, standalone ANPR/LPR, to have direct and easy access to your garage by using an ANPR camera.”

Adrian Cseko, Sales Manager at Asura TechnologiesBlack and white photo of a man with fair hair wearing a patterned shirt

“LPR paired with mobile parking solutions is proving to be a quick and effective alternative to parking machines, and we expect this trend to continue in the future. And last but not least, wasting time searching for a parking spot on or off-street will be eliminated with smart parking guidance systems.”

Businessman wearing a blue suit jacket, white shirt and purple tie standing in front of the EasyPark logoJohan Birgersson, CEO of EasyPark

“At EasyPark we think that the focus on automated parking is going to increase even more during 2020. More and more real estate owners are beginning to understand the benefits of gated parking areas with ANPR solutions, combining with smart parking providers that have access to a large user base of on-street parking. We also think that more car manufacturers are going to realize the potential of having parking solutions integrated into the head unit of the car.”

Ilkka Koisti, Sales Director at VirtaBusinessman wearing a blue and white striped, open-necked shirt and grey suit jacket

“In 2020 we already see a strong interest from the parking operators to find a cost-effective solution for EV charging management, for example, building, load management and especially for the load optimization. Pressure comes both from EV drivers and the public pressures to lower the business-related CO2 emissions.”

Martin Kieroth, Distribution International at projekt w

Businessmen wearing glasses, a blue shirt and grey suit jacket stands with a green background“I think the main trend in 2020 will be the maintenance and eMobility in carparks. The subject of fire protection will play a major role, especially for electric cars and their batteries.”

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