Smart Parking is Entering Ethiopia

Smart Parking in Ethiopia

According to the press release sent to The Ethiopian Herald, the Addis Ababa City Transport Programs Management Office is working on modernization of city's transport infrastructure and bridging of the supply-demand gap, detected in the public transport service.

The office is putting effort to make parking problems easier by developing optimized parking systems in the city. In particular, constructing Smart and Ground Parking systems.

The creation of parking infrastructure at Megenagana (East Addis), Wollo Sefer (on the way to Bole International Airport) has been 85% complete. Parking infrastructure of numerous types are under construction in the city, which costs over 100 million Birr (more than 4 million US dollars), Brhanu Girma, Office Infrastructure Section Head said.

Other projects such as underground parking and traffic complex will also soon get started, Office Deputy Manager Woyessa Feyissa told The Ethiopian Herald.

In order to transform the public transport service system, the office is working on changing state owned transport service providers and building new terminals in particular areas of the metropolis. Furthermore, the office is seeking to modernize pedestrian pavements to for the relief of traffic jams and assurance of smooth traffic system.

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