The most talked about in 2016

2016 Trends

2016 was a year of growth for the parking industry. Between the acquisitions, product launches, events and product installations, the parking industry showed off its very best and shaped the way people park all over the world.

While there was much diversity in the type of news published, here are the most talked about topics of the parking industry in 2016:

Smart City

The term smart city has been around for a few years already, but its importance in the development of solutions increases each year. Hand in hand with smart city, smart parking is another popular term of 2016 linked to some of the most important parking solutions in the industry such as parking apps, sensors, RFID readers and parking management systems that connect everything.

Automatic car park systems is another parking solution related to smart city and smart parking that saw a lot of growth this year. While we could assume that all automatic car park system providers are the same, the reality is that each one offers unique services and features.  

Airport Parking

In our ever-connected world, airport-related services are important. This has led to the growth of airport parking and solutions aimed at improving it. In this year’s APNE, revenue yield and management as well as digitalization of airport parking were some of the most talked about topics. The increase in demand for ev charging stations as well as services such as off-airport parking and Uber are changing the face of airport parking.


Acquisitions played a huge role in the parking industry. From SKIDATA acquiring Protection Technologies, Inc, TagMaster acquiring Balogh, to TIBA Parking Systems acquiring Signature Controls Systems, the year was filled with partnerships that will certainly bring innovative parking solutions in 2017.

What do you think were the most important news of 2016?